Wine, Spirits & Beverage Management

No good meal is complete without a good beverage. And if you work in the culinary field of wine, spirits and beverage management, your job is to provide that good beverage.


As a sommelier, or wine steward, your job would be to build up the restaurant’s wine repertoire. You need to have knowledge of the food served there to be able to pair it with the ideal wine, so you’ll be working alongside the people who plan the menu, whether it be the culinary manager, head chef, restaurant manager or the executive chef.

Your refined wine palate is what many people rely on when choosing a wine for their meal, so you also work directly with the customer to come up with a wine that is compatible with their tastes and budget. You may also be training wait staff to come up with wine pairings for the food ordered by their customers.

You work mostly in upscale restaurants, choosing, pouring and suggesting wines. Also you are responsible for the stock: wines, yes, but these days also beers and other spirits.

Microbrewery Manager

Your job as a microbrewery manager is to monitor and maintain the operations of a microbrewery, or a brewpub, which is a microbrewery located inside a restaurant.

You will have to make sure the conditions in the microbrewery are optimal for brewing craft beers. Depending on the size of the microbrewery or brewpub you may have a small staff to oversee, and several vendors to develop relationships with to keep the place clean and running well

Your job would also require you to promote the house beer, so you may also be involved in menu planning and recipe writing that ighlights the microbrews from your establishment. Alongside the brewmaster, you may also be involved in the creation of new brews.

Beverage Manager

Hotels, restaurants, resorts and cruise ships will need your expertise in managing the stock and selection of wines, beers, other spirits and beverages.

Your job will entail ensuring that the beverages are stored in good conditions and easily accessible as well. You will need to be able to estimate the amount of drinks you will need over a given period to keep the guests happy, and implement practices to make sure that there is a constant supply.

You might also have to make decisions as to whether or not to purchase new kinds of wines or beers, and which ones to stop buying, according to cost considerations, customer preferences or decisions by the head chef or restaurant manager.

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