Culinary Degrees

Meant to give students a shot at the top of the field, degree programs are designed to provide a comprehensive culinary education that leads to management and leadership positions.

If you see yourself as the one making menu decisions, running a tight gourmet kitchen in a 5-star hotel, hiring and firing, or even starting your own high end restaurant, a degree in the culinary arts would be a good fit for you.

What do Degree Programs Do?

More extensive than certificate or diploma programs, degree programs encourage students to think on their feet, take leadership roles, assess risks, plan budgets, make the tough decisions and do the other myriad things that go into the running of the business of feeding people, while maintaining the quality of the food and service.

While certificates and diplomas guarantee the technical skills for a few selected positions in the kitchen, degrees take into account everything about the culinary and hospitality fields – the service, the ambiance, the nutrition, the wine pairings, the menu selection…just about anything that goes into the dining experience, and then some.

Degree programs also teach students the business side of the culinary arts, and give them the skills to manage the people – from servers to chefs – that work there. Depending on the degree, students also learn how to deal with the public, vendors, investors and even the government as a result of the program.

Of course, the core ingredient of the industry – the food – is an essential part of the training. Degree programs give students in-depth training in food preparation, from basics to any specialty toward which the student finds themselves inclined. The result, ideally, is an individual who knows and can perform the functions of everyone from the wait staff to the head chef.

Which Degree is Right for Me?

Your choice of degree is limited only by how high you want to shoot. Associate degrees in restaurant management will get you started on the road towards potentially running your own place. You will learn the basic business and customer service skills, as well as management methods to operate your own eatery, as well as the food handling and service techniques necessary to run a good restaurant.

Bachelors degrees will broaden the scope of the skills learned to obtain an Associate degree to give you more options. You may learn different kinds of cuisine, or different styles of service. You might enhance your communications skills to deal with a larger segment of the public. You could even learn a new language or head into a specialty.

Master’s degrees are for the truly ambitious, teaching more complex critical thinking skills that can elevate the restaurant to a world-class venue. The stakes are high at the top, so advanced strategies are taught, interpersonal skills are enhanced, knowledge of financial operations are studied. Graduates with this degree will have the skills to start, run and grow high-end establishments, create a brand and market it, even go international.


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